Knowledge Magazine 57 June 2005


Junglist of Paine

Here's the lowdown of whats in the new issue of Knowledge (K57) now in the shops...

Will Vinyl Ever Die ?- Vinyl sales are down, records shops are closing: is this the end for our dance-music platform hero? Only the few with acetate running through their veins can save princess Drum n Bass from the evil MP3 Empire.

Friction - Knowledge gets serious and has a proper chinwag with our favourite ex car-salesman.

Art! Oh yes, we don’t just dance around the office gurning our faces off to the latest hardcore D&B tune, Knowledge likes to get in touch with its expressive side too. We bump into Canadian artisan Madreal, who takes us hand-in-hand through his rural meets urban land of zombie farmers, mini-beefers and peepers before serving us up a delectable portion of 2D stew.

Sub Focus - Professor Sub (PhD) adorns his tweed jacket (complete with leather elbow-patches) and administers one of the finest lectures in digital music production the pages of Knowledge have ever seen.

Violence - Have the D&B duo known for their nastier-than-a-German-dictator dance floor stompers gone soft? We light up some scented candles, put down this weeks copy of Sugar and have a good old heart-to-heart.

Counter Strike - No, not the computer game, choice of the most bullied members of your secondary school, but the frankly scary looking advocates of the not-for-the-faint-hearted side of D&B. Ok, so we do dance around the office gurning our faces off sometimes…

Fashion - Raver fashion has come a long way since Spliffy jeans with sweaty t-shirts hanging from hammer loops;if you want to be the prettiest pony on the dance floor come and check our selection of garms with mad flavas yo.

Disorda - The man responsible for many a suspect package, flashes open his musical trenchcoat exposing his mixtape swollen with the finest UK artists.

Fluid - Remember the kid with the suspiciously acquired Raleigh Max II, undercut and bomber jacket with the crazy shiny logo? Well that logo was very possibly promoting United Dance, and we speak to one of its foremost stars who we caught licking the pie from each of his fingers.

Reviews - Like a tramp eating a discarded kebab we gobble down this months finest D&B, Breakbeat, Hip Hop, DVD, game and book releases. Yumbo.

Spirit - Knowledge evoke deep and meaning-full discourse from the man on the brink of releasing his long awaited debut album.

Silver- Having trekked all the way to L.A, dodged Bloods, Crips and lowriders to get our hands on Silver for a interview, Knowledge also grabs this months killer cover CD.

Fierce - This chap has collaborated with more people than Kofi Anan and is finally, and deservedly, beginning his journey to the top of the pile.

Riddla - Riddle me this, riddle me that, an emcee cat with something under his hat… (Apologies)

Social Security - Knowledge get the low-down on the guys who oppose musical elitism, and benefit from the influence of more-than-a-giro-cheques worth of tunes.

Visionary - Drum and bass isn’t all about aural assault, so come check out the dub-wise men and puff on the chalice that is reggae influenced D&B. I and I…

Decksterity - We drag our studio tech swats out into daylight, then back to the comforting darkness of Knowledge towers to review some top-notch production equipment, with an impressive array of buttons, turny bits and lights.

Ils - Breakbeat and old skool junglists will be well aware of the rinsing sound of Ils. We fasten our seatbelts and put our trays in the upright position as we fly trough the turbulence that is Ils’ career.

Fission - Knowledge zoom in to the exclusive Puerto Rican scene and check out its prolific flagship DJ, Fission.

Dance floor- This month we got on the floor then danced some more in clubs across the land, so come and see what we thought.


Junglist of Paine
K57 FREE CD Mixed by SILVER (in the shops now) -
1. Ed Rush & Sonic - Kinetics (Space)
2. Tactile - Spaced Out (Timeless)
3. Alliance - Rush (Nemesis)
4. Logistics - Together VIP (Hospital)
5. Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith - Underworld (Technique)
6. Bad Company - Rush Hour (Sonic & Silver remix) (BC Presents)
7. D.Kay - Uncovered Funk (Brigand)
8. Sol & Xample feat. Roscoe - Fire & Brimstone (Nemesis)
9. Gridlok & Keaton - Moving On (P51)
10. 2db - Phat Beat (WAR)
11. Total Science - Going In Circles (CIA)
12. Ed Rush & Optical - Kerbcrawler (Baron remix) (Virus)
13. Generation Dub - Miami Vice (Formation)
14. Drumsound & Simon Bassline Smith - Evolution (Technique)
15. Total Science - Defcon 69 (Metalheadz)
16. The Brigade - Gritty City (Nemesis)
17. Subfocus - Blue Note (Frequency)
18. Commix - I Got Love (Hospital)
19. Silver & Gridlok - Paleface (P51)
20. Sonic - Blown Out (exclusive dubplate)
21. Concord Dawn - I'll Be There For U In The Morning Light (VIP) (Shout)
22. Distorted Mindz feat. Foxy & Eksman - We Can't Stop (DSL)
23. The Brigade - Rowdy (Nemesis)