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    In the upcoming issue of Knowledge Magazine:
    The series looking at the newbies in the scene continues…this issue we look at the Geordie trio Craggz & Parallel Forces, Liverpool based Xample & Sol, Dutch trio Noisia, London Electricity frontman MC Wrec and Bristol boy Roughcut.

    PHOTEK Interview
    Knowledge goes to Los Angeles for a very special question and answer session with the man with his fingers in many pies. Hear what Photek has to say about living in LA, his new crew, scoring soundtracks and competing with U2.

    LABEL RUNNINGS – Critical and DNAudio
    Running your own record label has always been a high-risk business and with today's ever-changing pressures and conditions it's tougher than ever. Knowledge has managed to coax a little advice out of two of the scene's recent success stories to see just how it's done.

    UK APACHE - Taking The Plunge
    Eleven years on from all-time anthem 'Original Nuttah', UK Apache is making his comeback with some new music, a new label and a whole lotta love.

    Marky has been speaking to Frontlines about his brand new mix CD for Zinc's Bingo imprint. Following on from Zinc and Friction's first instalment, Marky has mixed "Bingo Sessions Vol. 2." And judging from the tracklisting, it's back-to-back quality.

    Pay attention class! Yes, you at the back with the headphones on. Turn off that devil music - it's time for your monthly digital audio lesson. Our guest lecturers for the day are none other than Spinback and Q-Project - Oxford's finest music producers. So, get a pen and paper and prepare to take notes, because this is going to be a technical presentation.

    SUV’D UP
    He's back with a brand new double album "Follow The Sun". It took five minutes of listening to it in the Knowledge office before it was clear we had to track Suv down. The Spanish based former Reprazent member talks candidly about his new album and label “Playside”.

    SUDDEN DEF Alive And Kicking
    Despite a series of distribution problems in the past, things are looking positive for Sudden Def as they prepare for their busiest year yet. Knowledge caught up with stepbrothers Elliot (aka The Interrogator / Inter) and label manager Bridge.

    Knowledge is opening its covermount CD up to unsigned producers and up-and-coming DJs. See this issue of Knowledge to find out what you need to do and how to enter.

    PREFUSE 73
    Prefuse 73 says fuck a studio and takes on the political silence with his lo-fi home set-up and a little help from his musical pals. Knowledge chats to the hip-hop production maverick about his new album ‘Surrounded By Silence’.

    SEBA AND PARADOX - Here Come The Drums
    Knowledge speaks to Seba and Paradox about working together, the golden age of drum & bass and why getting the new generation of junglists to hear their music is "mission impossible".

    J MAJIK - Album Overload
    May's packed release schedule has taken its toll on J Majik. Speaking to Frontlines through a healthy cold obtained while walking between rainy Scottish gigs with Pendulum, he explained his predicament.

    BIG BUD – Our Man In Belize
    Knowledge talks to Big Bud about how a trip to Belize inspired one of the most innovative drum & bass albums in a long time.

    BLAK TWANG - Welcome To The Rotton Club
    Blak Twang turns headteacher on his new single 'G.C.S.E', so Knowledge hooked up with the South London rapper to talk sex, STD's and Stop & Search.

    Knowledge chats to Dicy, part of the Bristol based graf-writers’ crew TCF.

    Our usual top notch selection of the fruitiest albums, singles, clubs and more, along with dancefloor news and where to go to get your DnB fix.

    Converse, SPX, LA brand Mixwell, casual men’s line Merlin and Hick Industries, everything you need to know to be in the know!

    Gemini CDT-05, Pioneer CDJ-200 and DMJ-1000, Mixmeister 6, Acoustica MP3s, Formula Sound FF-6000, Saiteks 6-in1 card reader, Fish Eye Lomo, Thales Magellan Explorist 100, 200 and 300, Nike Tiempo shin guard. Phew! If it’s hot, it’s here.

    Knowledge colludes with top music college Point Blank to offer you the chance to win a place on a weekend crash course in production or DJing.

    This month we have a mix fresh from South Africa's DJ RawKiss. Slowly but surely, South Africa (apparently Dieselboy's favourite party destination) is making its own mark on the international D&B map, and this mix represents some of the sounds coming out of it right now.

    1. Counterstrike - Zulu Warrior (Moving Shadow)
    2. Counterstrike - Damage [Magna Karta remix] (Core Productions)
    3. Audio - The Warrior And The Serpent (G2)
    4. Spor - Haywire (Renegade Hardware)
    5. Counterstrike feat. Soma - Never Enough (Revolution Recordings)
    6. MPI Project vs Cybereon - The Need (unsigned)
    7. Skitty - Falldown (Renegade Hardware)
    8. Magna Karta - Grass Girl (Cell)
    9. Propaganda - Life Like (Sinuous)
    10. Skynet - Time Travel (Sudden Def)
    11. Silent Witness - Amazon (DNAudio)
    12. Gamet - My Way (Rank & File)
    13. Triple Soul - Dub Focus (Touchin Down)
    14. Counterstrike feat. Drop Bass - Aeons (Revolution Recordings)
    15. Propaganda - Air Raid (unsigned dub)
    16. Unknown Error - Shadows - (Renegade Hardware)
    17. Counterstrike - Merciless (Moving Shadow)
    18. SDK - Battleground (Sinuous)
    19. Counterstrike - Phantasm (Moving Shadow)
    20. Spor - Dante's Inferno (Barcode)
    21. M.F.U. - Heat Signature (unsigned)
    22. Cyberaeon - Acheron (unsigned)
    23. Resonant Evil - Flower of Pain (G2)
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