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    Renegade Hardware - Dilute their sound to sell more records? The punks of drum & bass say bollocks to that.

    Urban Takeover - Knowledge decodes the highly sensitive rural takeover transmission.

    Deep Blue - Much like your local skaghead, Deep Blue just can’t shake that 173 bpm habit. Thank the pusherman. Check Below for Deep Blue's FREE CD listing for this issue.

    Respect - B-key, Ruffstuff and Subject 13 get hecked up about producers that don’t do the business on the wheels of steel. Knowledge doesn’t get involved.

    Rebel MC - Knowledge’s favourite son of a cricketer jabs his rastaman sceptre into the ribs of conformity and scene control.

    DJ Craze - Our man in Miami gives us the highs and lows of touring the world with a ‘dumbass’ manager; basically its good weed against three day flights.

    Outbreak - The hard-as-fuck imprint is now looking to spread a new strain, resistant to stagnancy.

    Phoneheads - “When we DJ we can drop heavy tunes, minimal tunes, jazzy tunes. This is what keeps us fascinated.” Us too, Phoneheads, us too.

    Corrupt Souls - Straight out the capital of corruption, Corrupt Souls give-up all details of their entire shady network to Knowledge. It’s incredible what a bit of mlld interrogation can do. They’ll fold like origami.

    Rubik Records - More of a family than a label, Rubiks “intend to release all sorts of styles from the drum & bass spectrum with the only similarity being that they all smash the dancefloor."

    Evol Intent - America’s nastiest D&B trio scare Knowledge with their chilling past and macabre future plans. “And for the record, 'evol' was not chosen because it spells 'love' backwards."

    Strider - Knowledge loves workaholic producers. In fact we’re thinking of setting up a sort of slave production farm, where chains and synths go hand in hand. Did I just say that?

    First Rate - “these kids pretend to be all tough because that's what they think being into hip hop means. But it's not. You've paid your money, enjoy yourself! Let yourself go, get drunk, chat some girls up.” Yes I think I will...

    Fashion - Its summer. Its hot. You want to get laid. Get yourself some fresh clobber.

    Reviews - Knowledge drips hot wax all over the reviews section this month. You should be able to pick it off though.

    Vision On - Knowledge hates sitting through shitty movies, playing crap games and reading boring books. Thank the Lord they were pretty good this month.

    Decksterity - Its time for the knowledge nerds to do your homework for you again. But they won’t charge you a fiver like those entrepreneurial geeks at your school.

    Digital Nation - This month Knowledge gives you the lowdown on Native Instruments’ Reaktor 5 and TC Electronic’s PowerCore Firewire & PowerCore Mk2, along
    with all the techie news you can handle.

    Dancefloor - Wanna know where to go and shake your boots? Knowledge gets wasted at loads of clubs and lets you know how darn good it is.

    Here's the track listing for this issue's FREE COVER CD-

    1. Electrosoul System - Original (Strictly Digital)
    2. Deep Blue - Why Forever? (Scale)
    3. Black Rain - Streamline (Neil Trix VIP mix) (Scale)
    4. Deep Blue - Kicks Hats & Snares (Scale)
    5. Electrosoul System - To The Future (unreleased)
    6. Omni Trio - Rogue Satellite (Deep Blue remix) (Scale)
    7. Dissident - Levitation Flight (unreleased)
    8. Seba & Paradox - Stone Cold (Paradox Music)
    9. Seba - Shapeshifter (Secret Operations)
    10. Black Rain - Uptempo (Strobe mix) (Scale)
    11. Actual Proof - Maybe We'll Stay (Selini remix) (OSR Limited)

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    I liked Photek sounding off in Frontlines (fed up with floor stormers that all sound the same), MF's no apologies interview (I stopped making music because dnb became too dark) and the three up-and-comers raging at the glass ceiling in dnb. Dj Craze - anybody else the impression he is a massive cokehead?

    The bit I especially liked was a comment (Subject 13) about why djs are chosen for their production, not djing, skills. If I go to see Felix the Housecat or Carl Cox at a festival, its because I know they're a good dj, not producers. There is overlap between dj and production skills (choice of musical phrases, knowledge of structure, etc) but to take it to the extreme, nobody demands that Qbert release records... You don't expect Photek to beatmatch, scratch and juggle.