Knowledge 91 - July 2007


This is Dog Fort
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It's official, we've gone green. With all the talk of reducing carbon footprints and the like, we thought it high time we got involved. So what, you may ask, are we doing to fight global warming? Well we've named the new issue of K Mag, now available to buy online from or in all good newsagents and record shops, The Green Issue. And that's what we're doing. So there.

This month's cover stars, Calyx and Teebee have individually been at the forefront of the d&b scene for over ten years. Uniting South London and Norway in an unlikely combination we get the lowdown on the eve of the release of their stunning 'Anatomy' album.

German distribution heavyweights Groove Attack have very kindly offered up this month's free cover CD showcasing the finest producers from the continent. Hospital Records German representative Syncopix takes us through his 60 minute mix.

Continuing the European theme, Vienna's finest D.Kay tells us about his brand new jazz influenced 'Individual Soul' album, which was the result of a personal journey of musical discovery.

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