Knowledge 10th Anniversary Issue


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While waiting for my Pizza I walked over to the Barnes & Noble book store and picked up this Knowledge mag. In the past the mag has been pretty boring but this issue is fairly good although more expensive then usual.

It has features about different eras of DnB which I haven't fully read yet, a big colum on the amen break, and a decent cover CD.

Unfortunatly when Knowledge counts down the most important amen break tunes of all time, they seem to intentionaly leave out the classic tunes made by happyhardcore producers like Seduction. Infact they credit LTJ Bukem for making the amen break mainstream when it seems clear to me that it was Seduction with his chart topping "Hardcore Heaven" that deserves that title. They left out such amen classics as Harmony & Extreme's "Music", FBD Project "The Core", and DJ Seduction "Come On".

The disc is good, as its seperate tracks of classic jungle. Unfortunatly the copy of Talktax "The Way" that they used is full of pops and scratches which makes it useless for the CD DJ.

Even still its the best issue they've done in a long time. If you see it I recommend grabbing it. Just take some of whats said with a grain of salt (or whatever that saying is that means what is said isn't nessessarily true).