Knockout Meets Dub City Friday June 5th Studio K with Dj INN and many more!!!


”Dub City Meets Knockout”
Clashment Edition Friday 5thth June 2009 Studio K Amsterdam…
13 Dj’s - 2 -3 Mc - 3 Rooms

DubStep Vs Jungle Room / Dub City presents

Dj INN / KUNNINMINDZ.COM / U.K / Manchester’s first lady of heavy DubStep & D&B!!!

Gomes / Oi! /

Vader / Senior Productions

Nicon / Subway /

T-Mus / Subway

Bojcot Selectah / RandStad Rollaz / Dub City /

F.K.A / RandStad Rollaz / Dub City

Hosted by

Mc. General Trix / / High Priority / Dub City / /

U.N.O.M / Senior Productions / Dub City

Dancehall Vs Raggae Room / Presented by Knockout.

Dj's of the night:

Dj. Jah / Jam rock

Dj. Royalee / Knockout

Dj. Chaos / Sabotage / Knockout

Dj. Spitfire / Knockout

Dj Dahlila / Somali Pirate collective

Dj. Djengis / Polder Ras Sound

Cinema Room:

With chill out classics Reggae film & documentary like dubechoes.

Game Consoles:

XBOX , Nintendo, Play Station 2, Super Nintendo

Sabotage Production & Senior Productions,
has brought this event together for the contribution to music, art, cultures, talent and creative individuals out there.

The sole purpose of this event is to bring some of Holland creative individuals together an be able to delivered a night where people can learn & enjoy with some of our national talents, creative companies and production crews around.

The sponsors & individuals involve have been selected with great respect for their role in our cultural element of our society.

We would like to thanks everyone for their involvement & Support.

Organic food by
Fifty-Nine, bar-restaurant that open recently in the heart of the Jordaan in Amsterdam. They specialise in organic food and as we believe untainted food is the best... so don't forget to visit them!!!

Hemp Booth by
Hemp works / Hoodlambs

Hemp Works, an independent hemp clothing store offering a broad collection of refreshing hemp fashion. Their main aim was to promote a contra-movement against the mass-production and mass-pollution of the clothing industry and demonstrate that a solution for sustainable living could be found in hemp. Since then, Hemp Works is one of Europe's biggest hemp stores and the place to shop for organic hemp wear and lifestyle products. Another place worth visit in Amsterdam!!!

Design Booth by Hanazuki
Boutique / Showroom / Creative Studio
A store that focuses on self produced items.
All the product that they carry have been either self produced or self make by creative’s from all over the world.

Hanazuki works often as a one of a kind creations and as a launching platform for smart creative’s to showcase their works.

Hanazuki Creative Studio
A place where work consist in creating concepts, art-directing and designing ideas to be applied on different medias.

Specialize in crossing medias using a trusted network of clever professionals. A company that usually works closely with the client from a concept to production in order to provide the best way to get the message across.

Photo exposition & Photographer of the night.
Attilio Brancaccio / Italy

Starting Time 22:00 Till 04:00
Damage: Pre-sale 10,00 euro’s
At the Door: 12,00 euro’s
Date: Friday 5th June 2009