Knocked The Fuck Out VIP (completed) - Viper


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Aug 31, 2008
Just added the last finishing touches to the tune and it's now done! Thanks for the guys who helped me realize that the drop was a bit off in my wip thread, you can listen to it here MAISPAYS
If you listen could you please comment as I hate seeing 1000 views 6 replies...
Thanks in advance. :)

.:EDIT:. Sorry guys, it was processing but now it's up and running, top of the list.
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I was checkin' out the preview on the player, but listenin' to full length the dirty bass line flowin' there..sounds good to me. I don't listen to jump up as often as other styles, but I'm feelin' this one. I like how ya did the amen break in the middle of the track there, etc...pz & respect to ya'.
damn!!! myspace is blocked at work - bad times!
will have a listen when i get outta this place - good times!
wow man your pretty good, what do you use??? did you make all the synths from scratch too? I like the variation of the bass in the different phases
Thanks mate, I made everything except the pad sample in the intro. I'm using a program called renoise.

Fixed the end of the tune to sound less abrupt.
Updated version on myspace now.
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