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I ♥ Drum'N'Bass
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Nov 14, 2008

Im Junglelistic Girl :) from London
Im new on here ( as u can probably tell ):rinsed:

Ive been in to Drum&bass now for nearly 5 year!:lamur:
My first ever drum&bass cd was a Mampi Swift set, loveeed it :not_worth couldnt get enough of it! My first rave I went to was in Carling Academy Angel, as it was my first I thought it was exellent!:not_worth
Since then been twice to Ally Pally Transmission (theres no words for that event only :boom: (( BRING ON 2009))
Anyways not going to bore u with any more of my Bull***:)
Just wanted to introduce myself! and say thank you for letting me become part of this DNB Family!!

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