Knock knock. Who's there?

...Inkognit, that's who!

But now seriously...

My name is Miguel, I'm from Portugal but I'm currently living in the Netherlands. I'm a 21 year old newbie producer although I shouldn't even call myself a producer. I never actually finished a track, I just mess around with the ideas I get and when I'm halfway through the track, I decide it is shit and start over. I'm also kinda new to the DnB community, although I always liked the genre, just recently got more into it especially liquid drum and bass (Liquicity fan).

Been also really into Glitch hop and funky sounds and as well as the whole neuro scene. It was actually because of the neurohop forum that I decided to google something similiar to its concept, but for drum and bass!

So... Here I am, just hoping to learn a lot from you guys and share the little I know.

Much love,