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Oct 21, 2002
Kniteforce HQ
Ok People, here's whats going on at KFHQ and why the website is down.

The domain name expired and subsequently went into 'Detagged' status.
Nominet UK and Soho Consulting are currently in 'negotiation' regarding re'tagging this domain name.

Apparently, one company (soho) have to tell nominet that they have received the renewal fee from me. Which they have done. BUT Nominet UK require this email in 'PGP' format, therefore will not re-activate until they receive this 'PGP' email.

I have been trying to get these two companies to talk to each other to sort this mess out, and finally after lots of phone calls and shouting, I have got Nominet UK's customer services to phone soho consulting.

In addition, these two companies have had around £40 from me last week, and still I have no website.

To be honest, I am really really angry about the whole thing, as they promised me that it would be sorted out within 72 hours. And it isn't.

Also, I'm not holding out a lot of hope that this will be sorted out anytime within the next few days.

These companies have me by the bollox, especially Nominet, who are a government funded business, and there are NO others that can help me.

So contrary to some internet rumours flying about, we have NOT gone bust, and any email correspondence should be through or through DJ Destiny on

Thankyou for your continued support and we'll be back very very spoon.


Jan 26, 2003

i buy and play alot of the kfa stuff down here, and dj dair is a perth local, same place as we come from
got all of em apart from the everybodys free relick and kfa001! :)

bigups urself and all the true school crew, hope the domain gets sorted
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