Drum & Bass KMSTRY's February DnB Mix


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It is a good idea to include your tracklisting on here aswell dude, saves people having to click the link to find out..
I like that your commented on the Soundcloud where each track begins though, thats kinda cool
The 1st mix was tasty, two contrasts and i love that in mixing, dark-tech vs. liquid groove, dont really expect it to work, but very well done man, then even leading into NEVER BEEN again dont really expect them to work, but very well done !!
Nice blend with NO PROBLEM coming in, this must have been done on 3 decks ? or is it just a virtual DJ / programme mix ? you got a edited version of Voodoo People ? just sounded different from the norm.. over all not a bad mix man, good selection
Thanks for listening man, and yeah I'll include the tracklist in future :)

Yeah I've been putting this together for a while and then decided to programme it on logic,

And the Voodoo People remix I've got is the 'Australian Version', I prefer the original but this was the only 320 I could get my hands on!