Klute - Growler/ Lost Connection

Klute veers off from his usual electro tinged path on Growler breaking out in to some old skool drums and wandering bass. This is pure dancefloor fodder and not as deep as some of his other output but as it has no pointless breakdown I'd say it'd be good for epic mixes. The bass is more of a jogging than a walking bassline not unlike Moving Fusions Star Sign in some ways but with more grrr on the sub than that. Not an awful lot going here progressionwise but serves it's purpose well.

Lost Connection is a lot more spacious and the melodies are uplifting propelling the track onward over some running drums. The beats is as you'd expect with extra hi hat control for more velocity. The bassline follows a digitally dubbed out loop skanking along bashfully in to the night. This is more accomplished track than the a-side with more feeling coming accross and fullness of sound. Nice.