'Kingston Vampires' - Fresh & Pendulum >>>

Gonna withold judgement on this until the final cut - the quality of the production is surely better showcased in a higher quality version. Let's just say that songwise, it had good points (the vox sample, the Fresh-style switches) and bad points (the synths, the vampire theme, the Fresh-style switches) IMHO.
not quite my cup of tea at first listen, might need to hear more of the tune eventually to gain a liking.. but great to see the two heavyweights go head-to-head
logikz said:
i like it, sounds hardcore. listen to the crowd when it drops, sounds like theyre having a good time.
I am soooo looking forward to hearing Fresh on Friday, roll on Breakneck!!!

:slayer: (y)
Would like to hear this on a good system, sounds pretty dull from that clip. Nice bassline though but otherwise pretty standard stuff.
daky said:
not really feelin the themed dnb atm..elm street daleks in fact ive not felt to many fresh releases bring back BC anyday...Are they still producing together???? Peace Daky (y)

)EIB( - True Romance [Metalheadz] :zest:
on the dubplates page.
Yeah, I'm likin' this one, although I agree with Mr. Walker that it should be heard on a large sound system first!! I just love the vampirey drop fx ting going on. Heavy.

Pendulum should be locked away on account of warping junglists minds worldwide. :lighter:
Dont think its up to their usual standard, but nonetheless its different and loud, so its gonna get caned.
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