King of the Rollers EP 4

31 Records yet again pile on the quality with a solid no filler double pack. Greg Packer opens procedings with Not Just A Groove which harks back to early house music with lush chords and chunky beats. The way the loops build up from nothing makes this track really mixable although you'd best find something that's in key first. The "house is a feeling" snippets polish things off nicely whilst warm bass dots the t's and crosses the i's on the tune.

Alias (aka Breakage & Flight) hypnotise with One To Another as a Digitalesque break complements the searing strings and etherial vocal. The bass jaunts along at pounding intervals completing the sonic picture. This is a strange track moodwise and is more for horizontal angles than dancefloor mayhem.

Total Science take the mick slightly with their comfortably titled Shelflife. A dig at jungle tunes longevity perhaps? This could have been released on Ram as it has their oft used combination of rolling bass and slight sparkly bleeps in the background. The beat crunches along and a vocal "so happy" punctuates the ending of loops every so often. A set builder rather than TS's most full on work.

The Insiders bring up the rear with a classy Late Night groove laden liquid number. This track is all about the soul and feeling. A slightly chopped male vocal enters the breakdown filling out the mix and some pleasing pads enter the fray. Again this is a track which builds nicely and breaks down again in to an interesting almost hip hop reggae kind of beat before setting off again in to the night. Classy production as well. All in all this should appeal to bedroom Fabio's everywhere.