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DnB Skanker

DnB Skanker
Aug 21, 2007
Did any1 hit this ??? andy c smashed it on 3 decks....evry1 else hu played fabio...randall..break and some other dude al smashed it too the energy was all gd aswell no fights to what i sin was a gd nyt well worth the cash
Yeah man! I was there with riisu. Andy C & Break smashed it. Break was playing some really sick remixes of his tunes. That 'Is This What You Want' remix & a remix of 'Last Chance' were sooooooo good.
I did not like Funsta over Andy C though, needs to just be GQ over Andy! SP over Break was just how it should be.
Andy opened with 'Remember' by Xample - was amaze. And was doing some sick things in the second half of his set when they'd sorted out his third deck!
Was lovin' those screens as well!

Wayyyyyyyy too much attitude in there though - people were quite pushy I thought but some girl spat at me after she'd thrown her drink over me & my mate! What a prick. But other than that it was sick - best way to spend Valentines Day. Ever :clown:
Spoke to Lee yesterday and he said Caution was supposed to finish up after Randall but didn't turn up, so he did. Yeh you're right about the atmosphere, wasn't great...all about the Cellar for good atmosphere!

I swear I saw him in there though.....



why are the dubs showing up as see through in colour??
when he was using proper vinyl, it was black.....
and he was wearing a black shirt?!?!
and the mixer + decks are the right colour?!?!


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