[ Kinematic320 ] Polarity EP OUT NOW!! (2 x 320 MP3)

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    Kinematic is proud to present The Polarity EP, and debut kinematic release from one of the brightest up and coming stars in the scene. This zip package contains:

    Polarity - Serious Guys
    Polarity - Kreuzzug
    300 DPI artwork by XZ32 (http://www.xz32.be).

    $USD 3.00
    Polarity EP (2 x 320 MP3)

    Available now @ http://www.kinematicrecordings.com/

    Forthcoming Releases:
    Neuropa EP :: Flame/320Db (2xMP3)
    Leviathan EP (2xMP3 + video)
    Circuit Breaker rmx EP (Skynet mix + VIP)
    Rregula EP (2xMP3)
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