Killers Must Die!


Bangers mash! mash potato
Nov 17, 2008
Is it just me or had this tune been rinsed so much in all sets since its release that its just boring now?

i cant listen to whole track anymore

theres always tunes that come out like Mr.Happy that are reallly good decent tunes but just get rinsed so much by everyone that you just cant stand to listen to them anymore??

might just be me!

let me now what your thinkin



I thought there might be ive probably heard one before but none that fully stand out
like the new loud n dirty remix its massive
maybe if you listen to mixes too much like me, when you finally get the tune you have heard it tooooo many times it gets boring quick......but then to somone who has not heard it before ( if there is one :) ) then it would sound new and fresh to them still

I get this all the time with tunes.....its coz the wait is too long, should be a month of dubplate buisness then out to press imo :) a perfect DnB world
killers dont die is a great tune but i listen to it and feel the spark has gone!


and i hate these skool kids n youngsters that dont actually have a passion for dnb but just listen to the "in" dnb tunes at the time cuz everyone else is and rinsin same old stuff like fools,mr.happy,pieces, stuff like that all good tunes but CHANGE THE FUKIN VINYL!
oh and theres a couple of different version of mr happy hypes been playin... he was bustin that 1 with the dancehall beat but recently he's started playin a nu version of the original.. pretty much exactly the same tho
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