Label Kigami and Dereck on T3K Recordings!



The tenth EP of T3K`s Extended series combines the work
of Kigami (Sofia, Bulgaria) and Dereck (Moscow, Russia).
The first, Kigami, is known for tracks released via Metafiziq
vinyl (MTFZ001 "Missing Particle EP") and digital (MTFDZ003D)
plus the stunning "Squalor" (with Vanks) signed on Tinnitus.
The second, Dereck, put out a track on T3K before ("Eliksir"
with Paperclip, see T3K010) and had several other releases:
one recently released is the "Konus EP" on Temper D Productions
(TDP017). Both producers are well respected and have advanced
production technique which is confirmed again with these two not hesitate to check them out!

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