Kidcut n Topaz on Radio TONITE!!


Hello peeps, it's me first internet radio show (i've played on 'real' radio before but with a slightly small listenership)

Kidcut's playing dnb at 9pm and at 9.45 there's gonna be some new producers choons played (feel free to pm me if you have any choons you want played)
and I'm on at 10 playing jump up dnb....
There's a chatroom there too, so log on, listen and request a shout.... we'll be 'appy to oblige the one or two listeners we get!!
wish me luck!! xx

p.s. I start fortnightly show on 24th July too, rotating with Kidcut, I'll be looking for guest dj's and mc's, as well as anybody that's made any good choons..... don't be shy now!!

jay walker

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Ill try an lock on tonight, my broardband is as shit as dial-up at the mo though.

Good luck buddy - Ill get get bad ace inc to pm you about getting some of his tunes to you.