Kick Rolls


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Oct 7, 2002
What is it with kick rolls???...

It seems that pretty much every dance floor jump up style tune for the last three years has been structured in the same way .....the intro leading up to a kick roll.. its sooo boring!!!!!! it makes every single tune exactly the same...

Is there some template you can download from somewhere where you can just stick your samples in and then it automatically makes a jump up tune? Cos seriously this is getting beyond a joke.. or is that all dnb audiences want now

Does my head in

Greg P

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Jan 16, 2008
Yeah I know what you mean man - kick rolls are fucking everywhere, and not just at the first drop... some tunes have a small kick roll every 16 bars - it's like the tune is just an excuse to have loads of kick rolls...

TC, now he loves a kick roll, especially with that not-pitched-up deep sounding kick sample that he's been rinsing of late...

Still it's all swings and roundabouts, they'll probably go out of fashion in a year or so and we'll all be sitting here going "whatever happened to the good old fashioned kick roll eh?"

Bad Ace

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Jan 22, 2003
Hants, uk
to b honest a kick roll n that does hype the crowd abit more BUT i dont really do much kick rolls myself as i find them pretty borin.but it works for the crowd.
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