Kick Drum Synthesis - Hardcore Drum & Bass


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First post here, been reading a lot on these forums and all over the internet tbh to find out more about composing your own kick drum.
Been messing around with Hydra, just got logic pro x yesterday and been checking out ultrabeat.

The reason why i post here is because there is little to no information or help on creating your own kick drum.
Got the best results from hydra but i get confused since i don't know when to distort and eq with what particular distortion vst.

My prime example is the crossbreed alias of Bratkilla (Contrage) 2:55
Maybe if someone could help me analyze this kick drum? Is it a short 808 kick with a massive reese layered on it?

So my question is how i can get my own kick drums sounding like that (which is the best vst/plugin for kick drums like that, maybe throw in some distortion vst's you'd think would suit best for hardcore drum & bass.

Let me know if i'm not clear enough, any help is welcome & thanks in advance


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The kick is more than likely a sample. It does not sound like there is much to it. Just a little distortion. That fuzz sound on top sounds like noise osc with a bunch of distortion side chain under the kick.