Kibon - Black Jungle

what up .. nice track .. pull the mid out a bit more biring it out and compress .. that the only thing i can say other than that its good .. check out my track at

id like to share some dubs and hear more of your work ... get at me on my page and lets talk i can help you out with your sound. great drumz black person check out my tracks and you feel the drumz .. i got about 30 dubs out so get at me and il send you them
not much on the wash out amen
bass is a bit low-like the krs sample-drums get a bit cleaner -would like to hear em choped up a bit more
a bit of old school vibe to it
keep at it mang
not sure about the pitched toms on the intro they clash with the kik a little. some of the breaks sound a little loose too, like just before the drop. but good stuff mate. keep at it.
Not really my kinda track but the productions not that bad imo need to spend a lil more time sortin the levels of all your drums, might be the compression thats doin it tho so you just gota do some careful processing.
Good ideas there man would like to hear some more stuff. big up!
Thanks for the comments ! yes I know that my main problem are the levels but this is because this track is mainly produced on earplugs because I don't have any speakers at my computer any more so that's pretty fucked up..
i get wat ya mean mate im in the same predicament as u, its well hard sortin lvls on headphones my suggestion to u is to get a analyser of somesort the one in wavelab is really accurate, it still wont help u as much as a pair of monitors will tho...........:( lol
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