Garage Kiazma -- Untitled Mala x Burial style track [Any feedback appreciated]

This is a hard one to feedback. I can't. Maybe someone else will give something, I just got a comment; Great atmospheres. Makes me sleepy.
Big big vibes man! No critizism from me, you've got a very solid selection of sounds there. In particular your atmospheres and the reverb on that woodblock/rimshot is perfect. Classy tune!
Big track dude. Great range of sounds used. Nice atmosphere. Very deep. Nice percussion work. Love it! :)

If you have some spare time could you please check out my new tune Tranquilize? You will find it on the New Talent and Track Reviews page ;)

I took influence from producers like Mala on that one so it would be sweet to get someone who makes music like you to give me some pointers !

Sweet track man, will hit the Follow button on Soundcloud! ;D
Lovin those deep woodblock sounds, really creates an atmosphere, and it just gets better as the track progresses. Those percussions are fantastic!
Wow, I didn't expect this positive of a response! Thanks guys, I'm glad you like the tune :]
I certainly have a love affair with woodblock hits. I need more! I keep using the same samples haha.
And, yeah, I have another love affair with atmospheric elements ;)

(@Jordan -- done! I hope you find my comments helpful.)

Feel free to throw suggestions my way regarding changes for the final track.

You really nail the style, very well done track.

No criticisms I can make on this. You mentioned how much you like wood block hits. Have you checked out Deadmau5's drum hit sample pack? There are tons of percussive hits like that. Like 150+ woodblock hits, as well as other cool metallic and glass hits and stuff. If you like that type of percussive work in your tracks it might be worth checking out.
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