DnB Kiazma -- Melodic, Atmospheric dnb tune

Really nice atmosphere, and that pulsing bass is entrancing. The rim hits seem a little too loud, especially in the beginning. It's kind of abrupt in an otherwise gentle piece. Good work.

In an unrelated note, are all of those comments from followers or do you have a promotion secret you'd like to share? ;)
Ahh thanks man! Yeah, maybe I'll just down the velocity on the rimshot at the beginning. I'm not using the most balanced speakers, so I might not hear the same thing you do :(

Regarding the comments -- they're from my musician friends! haha. One of them went a little crazy on them ;)
Yeah I just noticed about 7 of them are by the same guy. And yeah, I know your pain. I always filter my songs through many different speakers before I finish them (headphones, TV, car stereo, mp3 player, etc.) because the equalizer on the receiver I have hooked up to my computer tends to lie to me.
nicee tune mate, good blend of variation, although introducing another riff wouldnt hurt.
i think ur kick needs to hit a lil harder as well. Other than that the prod n arrangement is good.
Ahh thanks mate!

Yeah, I wasn't sure if it would seem appropriate to introduce a new movement at the end, or to just end it as I did with the introduction of a different synth layer into an outro! We'll see :]

And for the kick, I'll see what I can do -- in the final mixdowns, I might just have the levels up. Otherwise, I might make the sidechain on the bass more intense to bring it out more. I'll also look into seeing what frequences I can cut to bring out the kick more (haven't spent a ton of time on the technical mastering aspects yet).

Also, a question for you guys: So my friend thinks the bass needs to be deeper. Thoughts? Agree/disagree?

And @Renin, yeah, I was too carried away with this one to give it the gauntlet of tests! I'll defs do it when I do the mixdowns and whatnot. Luckily I'm getting a pretty nice pair of Sennheiser headphones soon which have a decent reputation as studio monitors (HD 280 Pro).
bass sounds nice when it comes in, diggin the intro synth too, liking the bongos

i would say the mixdown needs some work, the drums are getting lost, i know theyre quite minimal, but i think they would benefit from more presence.

lovely tune mate just a bit of work on the mixdown and eqing
Thanks for the feedback man!

Yeah, admittedly I didn't spend a ton of time on mixdown aspects on this tune (wanted to get feedback before going forward with it) I think the drums will come to life with some level adjustments on the pads and other atmospheric elements, as well as some eq notching to bring them out in the mix.
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