Kevlar Beats


CEO - Kevlar Beats Recordings
Hi all not been here in hella long time!!! Been working and putting together my project which has now bared fruit. I was working with a label Original Breed Recordings with DJ Sideeffect last year which is a jump up label but now I have put together my own project which is now thew label called Kevlar Beats. It is a digital label and when I say it will cover 360 degress of dnb I mean it. I'm covering all angles so if it's jump up. neuro or any label it won't exist when it come to the label. It's all about good music.

The first release is out now by Omtrek called the Omtrek EP with 3 tracks, Bold n' Brash, Tunnel Switch and Straight Jacket which are all extremely different. Out on Monday is the second release from Shotty 4HF with the Pure Insult EP which is a neuro flavoured ep. 3 tracks are Genie Winder, Long Neck and the title track. The Omtrek EP is out now at all download stores. For previews of these and forthcoming releases on the label check the soundcloud https:\\\kevlarbeats01 and any opinions welcome. Also included in there is an exclusive free track to download from Omtrek so if you can check it out. Big projects in the pipeline.
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