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    Twist (Ray Keith remix) - Special K
    Rolling Numbers (Gold Dubs remix) - The Dream Team
    Playback - By Decimal Bass
    Elevate This Sound - Calyx & Teebee
    Echo Box - Brockie, Ed Solo
    Ultimate - Dj Sly
    Apache (feat Matt Impact - extended club mix) - Survival & Silent Witness
    Brown Shoes - Nu Logic
    Bring It On - A Sides
    The Day After The Night - Genotype
    Membrane - Gridlok, Prolix
    Raw Dogs (Cabin Fever UK remix) - The Dream Team

    Ok, now this is a mix I feel had to be done. Going out to all drum & bass listeners, whatever style you like. This is a mix which I feel shows the basic skill of a DJ who is basically a fan of the music. I mixed an older tune into a newer one cos I liked it. I love drum and bass. If it's a tune I like i'm in it. In the beginning and to the end it's all about the beats. Whether your in your bedroom mixing or in a club nothing makes you buzz more than hearing 'that' tune or doing 'that' mix. The DJ's job is to play what the people wants. Or to take them somewhere they have never been before. With 95% of DJs up their own arses this has been lost in translation so, here's a challenge. Do something original. Don't follow, lead. Go back to what made you love it in the first place and do it that way. It ain't a job its fun. When I play in a club or my studio i'm bouncing around cos I enjoy what I do. Bring it back. The fun element. The originality. Go on. I dare you.