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Thinkin outside the box..
ez peeps, I noticed a couple others plugged some of their work on here, so thought I'd give it a shot! For those of you who can be bothered to click on the link! I've taken DnB production serisouly since late 2007, still a lot of work ahead of me tho!

In return I'm more than happy to give feedback on ur tunes for those of u who produce :D

There is also a tune thats not on the myspace player, if u scroll down there is a separate player called "collab section" theres one tune there "Barricade (Remix)" which I quite like

some of the tunes are not 100% finished, still need polishing etc sound quality aint perfect cuz of the crappy myspace player - but what the hey! lol

any feedback welcome! good or bad

*Edit: sorry Mods could you please move this to the new talent section? still new to this place sorry!*
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