Kerb Clothing Competition Mix


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Fed up of being naked now, so I've decided to enter this competition and try and win me some threads and stop getting these funny looks in the supermarket. It's my slong get over it or get on it checkout chick!

Please like it on Kerb's basefook page
Feel free to add me on there / send me pics of your mum and what not. Much appreciated!

listen/download/enjoy and let me know what you think.
big up your socks guys

Recorded using vinyl and serato

Nothing more to say, tracklist says it all really

Sunchase - Warm Space [Horizons]
>>Basher & Xtrah - Hubble [Subtitles]
Enei - Stonehead [Critical]
Xtrah - Cyrax [Symmetry]
Amoss - Minus [Horizons]
Nickbee & Malk - Human Race [Horizons]
Mortem - Monoveler [Modulations]
Kasra - Warped Sound [Critical]
Sunchase & Nickbee - Zoned [Horizons]
Spinline - Junction 13 [Demand]
Phace & Noisia - Micro Organism [Neosignal]
Sabre, Stray & Halogenix - St Clair [Critical]
Mindmapper & Silvahfonk - Flash Forward [Demand]
Vicious Circle & Nocturnal - Last Chance Saloon [Commercial Suicide]
Dabs & Amoss - Still There [Horizons]
Phobia - Singularity [Renegade Hardware]
Misanthorp - Amboss [Neosignal]
Break - Framework [Symmetry]
Octane & DLR - Back in The Grind (Cern & Dabs Mix) [Dispatch]
Sato - Clap Ya Hands [Symmetry]
Krakota - Scraper [Ingredients]
Die & Break - Tear Down [Digital Soundboy]
Fracture & FD - Galvanise [Subtitles]
Octane, DLR & Survival - The Others [Dispatch]
Skeptical - The Truth [Dispatch]
Sunchase - Fantomas [Drone]
Enei & DRS - Obsession [Critical]
D Minds - Subcrate [Modulations]
Foreign Concept - Mob Justice [Critical]
Dub Phizix - The Editor feat Stratergy [Soul:R]
Fierce & Vicious Circle - Section VIP [Quarantine]
Y2D - Idolatry [Lifestyle]
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Garden (Calibre Remix) [TEED1]
>>Kosheen - Hide U [BMG]
Tokyo Prose - LPK Sound [Samurai Red Seal]
Calibre - Mirage [Signature]
Fracture & FD - No Rest [Subtitles]
Konflict - Roadblock (Matrix Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
June Miller - Snapcase [Modulations]
Mortem - The Touch (Sabre Remix) [IM:LTD]
Sabre, Stray & Halogenix feat Frank Carter III - Oblique [Critical]


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Warm Space - never heard this tune before, dunno how I missed it, that intro is really cool
Hubble - love this, so clean mix it's almost impossible to tell which elements belong to what tune!
Stonehead - not too shabby
Cyrax - yeah that's big, again supertight mix
Minus - sickness
Human Race - oh my...absolutely banging, what a tune
Monolover - the flow is amazing, mix was clean & clear
Warped Sound - swinging party
Zoned - wicked
Junction 13 - this one's a bitch to mix, ey? big tune nonetheless, so is the mix after the drop
Micro Organism - love the idea behind this mix, shame about that clap on Junction 13 kicking in earlier than Micro Organism gets more complex. after that it's fucking awesome
St. Clair - was expecting a big mix and this lived up to the expectations, rolling nicely
Flash Forward - jumped in a bit harsh for me, this tune's nice but wouldn't drop it with St. Clair personally, percussions collide too much
Last Chance Saloon - this on the other hand...lovely, what a blend! that reece poking through is just next level
Still There - interesting, changing the mood nicely, well played
Singularity - bam, let's get rowdy
Amboss - oh shit, heavy!
Framework - hell yeah, those switches!!!
Back In The Grind (Cern & Dabs Mix) - shame about that vocal samples clashing a bit, mix is huge though
Clap Ya Hands - lol I've almost failed to recognize this tune in the mix, even tho I'm spinning it very often, biggles!
Scraper - maybe I should bag this tune after all, love how this blend's progressing into deeper sound
Tear Down - oh man, that's too much!
Galvanise - not a fan of this tune, mix is very nice tho
The Others - proper moody, lovely
The Truth - tightening the mix up, cool
Fantomas - yes please
Obsession - and again, superclean and supertight
Subcrate - deep!
Mob Justice - going off together, gotta love this tune
The Editor - great mix
Section VIP - yeah, this mix is absolute classic, tunes made for each other
Idolatry - never heard this (or of this) tune before, wicked stuff! and the mix is lush
Garden (Calibre Remix) - chilled vibes
Hide U - wow, haven't heard this tune for ages, interesting blend
LPK Sound - wow again, wasn't expecting something like this. well played!
Mirage - Calibre is a don, 'nuff said, the mix is pure sex
No Rest - yeah, why not
Roadblock (Matrix Remix) - love the oldschool flavour, great mix
Snapcase - this tune never fails to get me moving, wicked
The Touch (Sabre Remix) - the vocal creeps the fuck out off me (means I'm not a fan of it), but the tune itself is huge and so is the mix
Oblique - oh yeah. as expected. definitely one of the best set closers out there at the moment

So basically after listening to this I must admit the fact, that I'm pretty fucked as far as the chances to actually win the Kerb Mix Competition are concerned :D I really love your style of mixing deep and moody drum and bass, doubt there's anyone here who could challenge you in this matter. Although the mix has over 100 minutes I didn't get bored, which is truly amazing and the flow is proper solid. My iPod will love this one for sure, big up again :)
On the download, tracklisting looks too tasty, feedback to follow


1st track is naughty, def gonna bag!

Nickbee & Malk - Human Race [Horizons] this on vinyl?
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oooo huge tracklist, gonna have a listen now

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fantomas is such a sick tune by the way, not seen anyone else use that in a mix...


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right on this AJ, been looking forward to a new mix from you in a while!

will be back with some thoughts in due course.
big up
nice one stu. hope u like it man. its a bit rough round the edges, still getting used to serato, its not all its cracked up to be, but rough with the smooth, i got play a lot of tracks i normally wouldn't be able to.

oooo huge tracklist, gonna have a listen now

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fantomas is such a sick tune by the way, not seen anyone else use that in a mix...
fantomas is hench. i was gutted it didn't get a vinyl release so i had to get it cut.
all of sunchase's tunes are quality. i think some of his awesomeness has rubbed off onto nickbee. def one to watch out for this year.

on it teddy. looks big mate.
cheers tone. big ups!


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listened through it at the airport today g was sounding sweet. some pretty adventurous mixes but paid off with some beautiful breakdown and intro sounds. might have to go ahead and claim the garden and lpk sound mix though haha. Am up for your next one you suit the liquid sound (aka do one of them please) :violin: