Keepin it real fresh up my dudes

Dugg Funnie

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You can ignore that title, I just wanted to have something other than "Hello" or "newbie n()0b newser" for the title.

I'm Dugg Funnie, I've been studying music production for about a solid year and a half. Though I'm only now getting out the phase I was in of "I need to learn absolutely everything that has every happened in a studio, how to replicate, then, once I have all that in my head I'll magically write a track and it will be the banger that ends all tracks and it will be so glorious that people will stop speaking and just use that song to express everything they've ever seen, felt, tasted, smelled or experienced in anyway at all ever". So, Basically I'm just getting my workflow (primarily Ableton user here) now focused on the goal of just writing and finishing songs and I'll work about specifics and quality later down the road haha.

Outside of music I exercise, and recently started dieting (goal of 150 lbs. down to 167 from 189, woot), I fucking love cooking, and longboarding. I also just started getting into the practices of meditation and speed-reading. I also am in the processing of learning C/C++ programming (and CSound bu proxy) because I intend on developing and potentially starting a business selling VST/AU plug-ins. Should be fun lol.

Anyways I'm sure I'll get to know you guys better as time progresses, keep it real fresh homies.


Welcome; I'm pretty new to everything myself. I'm finding that once one "learns absolutely everything" about equipment, the music itself is much... more vast.