Keep it locked to the Knowledge mag show this Sunday!

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    The inner workings of internet radio are in fact very simple. Using all sorts of wizardry derived from an ancient form of ‘dark’ magic, very small people with very small instruments are sent down the phone line into your computer and play live, and sometimes, impromptu gigs. This month Knowledge Magazine and have spent hours performing the necessary rituals and have managed to shrink Dr Khan and all his records so that between 7:30 – 9 pm on the 4th of December he can travel down the phone line to your computer and spin some tiny wheels of steel just for you. The minimising doesn’t stop there as after successfully kidnapping Utah Jazz, he too has been turned into a tiny little DJ to perform his guest mix.
    The Knowledge Radio show takes place on the first Sunday of every month on, and besides the already magical guest mix, the show provides you with a chance to have your own tunes aired in Unsigned Tracks, whilst Producer Corner delves into the life and works of an A-list urban artist.
    There is also a competition that you can enter at and if you’re lucky enough to win, you get a signed copy of ‘All Crews’, the definitive tale of all things jungle related and a year’s subscription to Knowledge mag.

    What was the TV show called that had tiny creatures living under a lighthouse?
    a) Fraggle Rock
    b) Crack Rock
    c) Stick-of-Rock

    Just listen to the show and the winners will be announced at the end.

    Our official survey of little people has confirmed that no other radio shows in the ‘Big World’ is as good as this one, and the little people get everywhere and know everything.

    AIM your tunes for Unsigned Tracks to ‘saraknowledge’.