Keaton & Hive - 'The Plague/Resolution' (Renegade Hardware)


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Mar 21, 2002
Bored at Work
"The Plague/Resolution" - Keaton & Hive (Hardware)

First offering of the year from the mighty Renegade Hardware label sees Universal Project's and Usual Suspect Keaton team up with Hive, to create one of the filthiest dancefloor work-outs in a while!
The much-cained 'The Plague' gets underway with a steady break and techno-y effects in the background, emitting a similar atmosphere to the one 'Vessel' created. A neat drum-roll leads things to the breakdown, where the effects rattle on, while a kickdrum builds things up until a final drum roll ushers in the drop! And the drop is all about the bass bass bass!!! Deadly Dilly-esque subs hum along with the break while a sample-ridden background keeps the atmosphere bleak. Eventually, another drum roll signals another drop and if you thought it couldnt get any dirtier then you were quite clearly wrong! A gnawing distorted b-line cuts in above the rest of the tune, creating a monster, while the subs still hammer away potently behind it! Amazing stuff!
Flip for the more versatile 'Resolution', and while not receiving the heavy-playing 'The Plague' has, it is still no less impressive! A sultry female vocal invites you to 'scratch away the surface', on top of a muted beat, which finally gives way to a more tinny break. Soon enough the vocal is left isolated, but not for long as a waspy, gnarled b-line drops in from nowhere causing absolute devastation! The drop may seem a little repetative at first but when that high pitched b-line soars at the end of the phrase you soon forget all about it! The breaks stay skippy most of the way through the track, giving it a more enegetic feel to what it did when it dropped. All in all a quality little stomper, its just a shame it hasnt received the attention it deserved, but its understandable as 'The Plague' does cast quite a shadow!
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