Drum & Bass Kay - Mist (Free Download)


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Sup producers! i put out a few tracks recently, you can see them on my soundcloud. Started less then 3 days ago, so the two tracks arent great, but theyre a start, i'd love to receive some constructive criticism! All are available for free download, and you can use them freely as long as you credit me. My soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/killiandelaney


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So I listen to your songs and wrote a three step program to help you with your first song kay mist. The instructions may seem overwhelming but are really quite basic. Take the time now to learn a couple of fundamentals and you will be able to advance more quickly then someone like me who spent two years producing without the help of this forum or internet tutorials.
First basic drums, check out some tutorials on you tube to see how to get a kick and snare to pop out. This will be most easily accomplished by researching tutorials that use the same DAW as you do. Spend some time trying to emulate what the tutor is teaching. However, before you start you need to get a decent break that you can extract a decent kick and snare. Ask on the forum where you can find one for free. Once you have good kick and snare poping. High pass a break along with the kick and snare. This process will set you for the basics of drum construction.
Second basic bass, use a synth with at least three oscillators. Turn the first osc on and set it to a saw wave. Turn the second osc on and set it to anothe saw wave. Detune the two saw waves and the will create a phase sound. Turn your 3rd osc on and set it to a sine wave, turn this osc down one octave from the other two osc. You will then have a very basic reece bass at this point. Use the root note or bottom note of your piano as the single note you wil play with your bass. If you know more music theory than that, make a bass line that is compatible with your melody.
Third basic channel splitting, use the piano loop you have and split it into three different channels. Highpass two of the channels and turn one completely left and one completely right. Turn the volume down low on these new channels. Then add small amounts of delay and chorus to the channel until it sounds more full without being to loud. Take your time because in the future frequency splitting will become a major part of your production and personally I wished I learn this very early on.
Welcome to the fun and frustrating world of producing. If there is something you don not understand, do not be afraid to ask. Also, the internet is your friend. Take time and look up tutorials on basic production.