Katy Perry - Wide Awake (Mistral Remix)[Demo, not a DnB sry]


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Sup guys!

I would like to apologize in front of guys whose production I should review and give feedback to before posting my own stuff. I am not currently able to use monitors or even headphones to give you a constructive review. But I promise to return you a favor soon!

I decided to take a break from technical genre that is DnB and go back to my roots. So here´s my little "house" remix. It´s unmixed and unmastered yet, also there are few minor tweaks to make regarding transitions, sound design and arrangement but I feel like this demo is in a good "pre-release-get-into-mixing-and-mastering" state. Please let me know what you think of it and maybe suggest me some improvements that I could undertake. Also I would be very happy, if you could tell me what emotions did this provoke in you!

Many thanks
Quotec (aka Mistral)

EDIT: fck me, I had to make it public to be able to post it here.


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So its got nice variation, transitions are pretty good, i like the intro and the drop keeps me interested, not many faults tbf, nice top melody you got going aswell later in the drop! So from the drop to the breakdown could change better, it happened to sudden. I have a sense that you are using reverb on a few things? Maybe the mix is too wet for me, but thats not a bad thing, maybe just use more on the high parts instead. If i was working on the track with you id give that top line melody or something even more highs to really fill the mix or just have it played higher, i mean, im on headphones (Its late) so i cant quite tell if it really is up there in the mix, but if you have a lot of bass and mid range synths, bleepy high up pluck sounds can really jump out and its nice where the come in the mix. 'Liked' and listend. good job bro!
Hey man ! I liked the track but I felt like the sub was a little too loud or maybe too omnipresent. Also the snare sounds kinda weird, seems like you layered two sounds but they might not be hitting a the exact same time. Otherwise good work :2thumbs: