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its not loading, but i just checked up on some ex girlfriends on facebook, cos its my mates birthday, so we celeebrated him with steak and vodka and fun in the park etc and now as people started going home, he logged onto facebook to show me some ex of his, so i had a brilliant idea and asked if we couldnt find any of mine, from when i was young, in sweden, which i now know for a fact was a bad idea. the worst idea really. for any number of reasons. fucking. hell. i feel like the nostalgia gave me vertigo, i look at them and wonder how i coul d ´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´wwwwwwwwww ever have been so stupid as to just temporarily moonwalk through their love and shot web 9000 for a while through their little lives and carelessly wander out again, sometimes even on purpouse, to get back at some other girl for what she had or ähadnt aaaaaaaaaaaapp i would like to just disappear into thin air for a while for a little right now. gods im gonna watch fight club and drink some beer,soorthws mw.

anyway video wont load, its not really about me, is it?


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I think you need to go to Sweden for a bit. You seem to include miss your home a lot these days.
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