Kamanchi/Die - Hey DJ/Driver (Full Cycle)


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Mar 21, 2002
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Kamanchi/DJ Die - "Hey DJ"/"Driver" (Full Cycle)

The first of many Full Cycle tunes around at the moment to be released, and this one is all about the jungle bizness! Kamanchi carry on the Full Cycle legacy together with Dynamite MC, and come with a complete stormer. Ravers will have heard this being caned by the likes of Brian G, Frost etc. Opening with a familiar style intro with Dynamite's samples singing "Hey, hey, hey, hey DJ!".......before silence! "Please - stop the music!", then it happens. The break on this tune has got me more excited than any other tune in the last month. Proper jungle rhythms contend with a rollin bassline, and combined with the Full Cycle trademarks, you know your gonna be hearing this one for a while.
On the flip, you got Die's "Driver". Typical breaks and a grinding bassline make this a solid contender, but its always gonna be in the shadow of "Hey Dj" in my opinion. Coming Soon (hopefully) on Full Cycle: Kloaking King, Mermaids, Do You Remember Me? (feat Tali)

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