Label Kallamitous Digital Update !!

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    Kallamitous Digital Update !!
    Ok, so I know things have been taking forever and this hasn't really been taken seriously, but now things are going to start rolling pretty fast. KAL001 is indeed my Koncretize EP. Tracklist is most likely as follows:

    A. Koncretize

    B. Deadlock

    C. Ghastly

    D. Soliloquy

    That will definitely be out in the next couple of weeks. I'll post a release date soon. Also in the works, we've got our second release for KAL002, The Symbiotik EP. Featuring dark n heavy artists like Philbee, Timmi, and many more. Finally, don't miss out on news regarding our label website, which WILL be launched VERY soon. Expect big things for the future.

    Krypto-locka. Out. xD.