K-Oscillate on Kombat Bass Radio!

Next Monday 5th JUNE....

K-Oscillate the only truely LIVE MeLbUrN Dnb act, now have a massive reputation and a following having torn up several venues across melb's....They invited me down to play beats for their last show so its only fair i show them the grand hospitality that only few have experinced....and survived this is.......KOMBAT BASS!

Mr Fred-ex and the one like MC HASTE steppin up representing........

K Osscilating Kombat Bass Karnage!

Complete with homebrew on TAP and Homecooked Meal...

Grab ur Beers, Spliffs, Munchies and whatever else u need....A good pair of speakers to say the least!

Beats roll 6.30pm - Late....KO on at about 7.30pm....

Modem - www.pulseradio.net/play.pls

Broadband - www.pulseradio.net/playhi.pls

Or go to www.kombatbass.com or www.pulseardio for more info....

And for anyone who missed the absolute corker with SPHERIX and FICKUSS coming over and dropping beats here is a tracklisting to cry over :

Dimensonal Entity Teebee Subtitles
Star Cruiser Spherix!!!! *Kombat DUB*
Gather Round Allied Forces Just Knowledge Recs
Roots Amit Commercial Suicide
Time Stands Still Orion Subtitles
Little Greeen Men Cyantific Hospital
Misson Control Invaderz Invaderz Recs
Twisted *MOTVE From MELBURN! DSC14
Breakage and Flight (Alias) Critical Recs
Makes Me Wonder Calibre Signature
Hang On EZ Rollers Moving Shadow
Different Drum PHOTEK RMX! Hospital
Compound Ed Rush and Optical Gridlock Virus
Tear Red Brain & Feenix Disturbed
elemental static & rregula forthcoming on kinematic recs
Move VIP Rhymetime & Trace 1210
Simix Illformants Subtitles
How You Make Me Feel Skyver & Djon Technique Recordings
Angel Dust Cause 4 Concern C4C Recordings
Xeops Static Nitro dub
verses matrix metro
Psyphon Spherix
There's Something Out There (Twisted Anger RMX) Ray Keith feat Lea UFO
Can't Punish Me Dom n Roland
Whiplash Future Cut Renegade Hardware
Turn Me In () Tech Itch Penetration
Clockwork Stakka & Skynet Underfire
Galaxy Static & Rregular dub
AI (BSE Remix) Benji Black Sun Empire Recordings
Need You Jago & Fenton Kombat Bass dub
Ram Trilogy Reflection RAM
Piper Jonny L XL
Bum Fairy Breakage Critical
Prowler John B Beta Recs
Let it Go Teebee Subtitles
Human Reptile Teebee Subtitles
Last Recall Rob F and Impulse Subtitles
Walk With Your Friends Warlockz Feat Stimpleton Crunk 001
Drop Motive Kombat Promo
Mash Dem Down Rude and Deadly
Be there 4 u D Kay and Rawfull Freak
Bacteria Ed Rush & Optical Virus
Tear Away Matrix Virus
Pulse Bad Company Prototype
Dub Be Good To Me VIP Ed Solo Dark Souns Foundation
Kombat Bass, start time from across the globe...

San Francisco / Los Angeles 11:30 PM (Sun)
Mexico City / Chicago 1:30 AM
Detroit / New York 2:30 AM
Rio de Janeiro 5:30 AM
London (UK) 7:30 AM
Stockholm / Berlin (Europe) 8:30 AM
Helsinki / Cairo 9:30 AM
Moscow 10:30 AM
New Delhi 1:00 PM
Bangkok 2:30 PM
Singapore / Hong Kong / 3:30 PM
Tokyo 4:30 PM
Brisbane 5:30 PM
Adelaide 6:00 PM
Sydney / Melbourne / Hobart 6:30 PM
Wellington NZ 8:30 PM