K MAG - A.M.C Interview - Surface

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Titan Records C.E.O Dj A.M.C has been interviewed by K Mag to talk about his new label and future music.

Check out the interview hear (with audio) : http://www.kmag.co.uk/editorial/news/amc-and-the-risky-launch-titan-records.html

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A.M.C. is starting a new drum & bass label called Titan Records and tells Kmag what he's got in store...

Where did the idea for this label come from and what makes it different to what's already out there?
For two years I've been putting together ideas and thinking about how I'd start a drum & bass label. As I've become more well known as a DJ, I've been getting a lot of great music sent to me over the years, but the frustrating thing is knowing that a lot of it would never get released as I couldn't think of anyone who would realistically sign the tracks. This gave me the idea to create my own label to broadcast the fresh and talented producers who have reached out to me with their music.

I've been really good friends with The Risky from Drum&BassArena for some time now and so after pondering the idea and how I wanted to execute it, I ran the idea by him. He offered to help me with my mission to create a major label, able to stand up to everyone else putting out releases within the scene. Titan Records will have that unique edge as we want to make this a label capable of covering the complete spectrum of drum & bass.

What's the ethos behind the label?
The ethos behind the label is to support the mass of talented producers that struggle to find a platform for their music, and promote them professionally giving them all the help we can.

When signing a track, what do you look for?
As mentioned above Titan Records doesn't sign just one kind of drum & bass music. We look for only two things when considering signing a track: Is it a great, interesting track? Has it been made well?

Are you looking for more artists?
Titan Records are always on the look out for more tracks and artists to sign, and we listen to everything sent to us. The best way to send demos to Titan Records is by email or AIM. Our email for all demos is info@titan-records.co.uk, and our aim is titanrecordsuk

Tell us more about your first release...
The first release from Titan Records is the Surface EP, which is released on July 18th. This first EP is absolutely massive and goes through four distinct styles of dnb in four killer tracks, and shows we are a label ready to dominate with some hefty releases! Surface EP slams the catastrophic, colossal dance floor smasher that is The Meddler by A.M.C & Mattix & Futile into the tight and dangerous beat of Athys & Duster's Bar Fight. Natural Selection by Fuzion UK brings some tech-driven chaos, rolling into the future thinking, tripped out and beefed up Jungle Ting by Epidemix.

SURFACE EP - TITAN001EP by TITAN RECORDS: http://soundcloud.com/titanrecords

Got any other releases in the pipeline you can tell us about?
We've got loads of releases lined up for the rest of the year, but nothing we're going to chat about just yet! The release after Surface EP will be a single in August, all we can say is that it is currently getting smashed around dancefloors by some big DJs all over the world. More shall be revealed soon.

Where do you see the label in the future?
We see Titan Records becoming a strong label within the drum & bass scene with many diverse and amazing releases. Titan Records definitely has the potential to become a recognised and established label that just gets bigger and bigger.

Anything else you want to tell us about?
Titan Records has a D&BTV show to celebrate the launch of the label and the release of the Surface EP on July 27th. Lastly, follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/titanrecordsuk and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/titanrecords for more updates and information regarding Titan Records!