Jwood's January Mix


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I know mixes are flying in thick and fast at the moment but I havn't done one since august or something like that so thought I should get round to it.
Few little slips, i don't deal with the pressure of recording well apparently!
Anyway hope you enjoy if you take the time to listen.. feedback and critiques welcome as always

1) Aria - Rockwell
2) Injustice - Sabre ft. Riya
3) Iceberg - Mortem
4) Ceaseless - Pessimist
5) You're The One - Charli Xcx (Dub Phizix Remix)
6) Glass - Overlook
7) 1959 - Silent Dust (Calibre Remix)
8) A Wandering Journal - Sabre (Rockwell's club Mix)
9) Runnin - Enei ft. Georgia Yates
10) Fortress VIP - DBR UK
11) Whispers - Mortem
12) Fatal Attraction - Bcee & Bladerunner
13) 2098 - Ulterior Motive
14) Stay Or Let It Go - Brian Mcknight (Sabre Remix)
15) Lost Hours - Icicle
16) The Cleaner VIP - Hybris
17) Playing With Fire - Drs ft. Dub Phizix
18) Underprint - Noisia & Alix Perez
19) Step In The Spot - Submorphics ft. Selfsays
20) Road Runner - Ink & Getz
21) Whatever - Optiv & BTK (Mefjus Remix)
22) Gridlok - Ram Trilogy (Break Remix)
23) Smoke One - DJ Rusty
24) Simulator Music - Konichi
25) Facade VIP - Noisia
26) Turn Over the Page - Octane & DLR ft. Cymatic
>> Fools Rythm - Two Fingers
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nice mix man, nice to see a couple of tunes i love, silent dust, aria, that free sabre remix - had a good variety of tunes aswell.

had a listen whilst working so cant really give detailed feedback, one mix i took notice was simulator music into facade vip, gully mix

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fuck it your first up today.

Aria - Yes like this as opener.
Injustice - Cool blend. didnt like some of the bits that poked through from Aria in the blend but a smooth way to open.
Iceberg - Yes! on the double. Big mix mate, might have to try that myself.
Ceaseless - Cool blend, really like the length you kept this mix rolling, to someone who didnt know either of those tunes it would have been hard to distinguish which was which...personally I think thats really good.
You're The One remix - Never heard this before? Creepy vocal.
Glass - WICKED MIX. EQ'd really well...Vocals of Your the one sit perfectly over the top of Glass. Love glass man, especially when that nutty noise comes in after the vocal of your the one disappears. Mad. Feel like the breakdown on this tune lasts an absolute lifetime. The vibe you've created already here is wicked.
Silent Dust - 1959 (Calibre Remix) - Love this tune. not sure these two work too well together, but EQ'd well to get the best out of both tunes. Tiny little blip on the drop but quickly corrected.
Wandering Journal (Rockwell Remix) - can here this poking through. Pretty cool idea fusing these two together. Would have maybe mixed this with Glass though to keep the same clicky eerie vibe. However mixed to perfection. EQ'd well again. Killing it so far J.
Runnin - still raging my copy of this got battered by a stray beer. Anyway...waiting for this to come in, oh wow. Spot on J! How fucking groovy is this mix! yes yes yes. Eq'd perfectly again.
Fortress VIP - Riddim. Militant...Militant....Militant...hahaha you lad. What a cool mix keeping the vocal rolling of the top. Eq'd well again. I want whatever your on! Militant...militant...militant...guna be stuck in my head all day now haha.
Whispers - Another Mortem tune. big big big. bassline to this tune is really cool. Certainly EQ'd well again not leaving too much poking through of Fortress VIP. Perfecto. No wonder its called whispers...creepy!
Fatal Attraction - wow. didnt expect that. pretty good once again, certainly not my favourite of the mixes so far but not bad at all! Sounds like it could go well with Runnin'
2098 - bit shakey coming in before it drops...ok not bad again James. fusing two really different styles is difficult but its been done ok here!
Stay or Let It Go (Sabre Remix) - expecting this to be quality...YES. loved the bit with 2098's bass and the vocal of this for 16 bars of a phrase...then BAM. would have EQ'd a little more treble out of 2098 to make it sit well, being picky...this mix is cool as fuck.
Lost Hours - oh no you didnt. wicked double! EQ'd spot on!
The Cleaner VIP - Can hear this in the background clicking behind Lost Hours would have maybe just switched straight up to it when it reaches the breakdown for maximum impact.
Playing With Fire - Love this tune. Poking through...love the vocal tbh. Like the way you utilized the steppy bits of Cleaner VIP before this drops. Wasn't too bad when it dropped, would have EQ'd a little more treble out of Cleaner so it doesnt overpower Playing With Fire as much...pretty good though!
Underprint - Yes J! Let the mids of Playing with Fire poke through perfectly.
Step In the Spot - didn't really feel this mix tbh.
Road Runner - not bad...fused these two well together.
Whatever (Mefjus Remix) - Yes! love this tune. Mixed perfectly with Road Runner.
Gridlok (Break Remix) - Oh shit the bed J you got this one spot on.
Smoke One - URGHHHHHHHHHH. WTF. the mids work so well together in this mix. Killing it.

Sad to say a tap on my shoulder means back to work. :/ I will listen to the last 4 tunes on my way home or something.

To summarise, really good vibe you created with the start of this mix, keeping it really dark and eerie, but with some lighter liquid vibes to accompany the clickier beats...the energy got greater and greater as this mix went on tbh...really really good.

All in all this didnt disappoint one bit. Eq'd fantastically in places. Trying to find faults in this was pretty difficult tbh. Spot on J. Couple of blips but corrected quickly...selection was right up my street, and varied to keep me interested.

Very very impressed bro. Lets hope the next isnt 4/5 months away :teeth:

big ups mate really enjoyed this.


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Aria - Rockwell
Injustice - Sabre ft. Riya

one of my favourite drops now, you have no idea how good this sounds

mix is tight, took a listen to it and it's a killer


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thanks a lot for checking guys! much appreciated

Stu - massive respect for the in depth feedback, the few tunes i wasn't sure about putting in where step in the spot and fatal attraction, just couldnt be bothered waiting any longer for alternatives!

you're right about glass, such a tune, those noises are too much! not much i can say really, really appreciate your listening and in depth feedback, means the next mix will hopefully be even better

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I'll have a slice jwood. Tracklist looks quality..... You're The One rmx, Simulator Music & Fools Rhythm.... I'm in. Completed some in depth feedback yesterday, but the refresh rate at work signed me out when I went to posting it, so I lost 4/5ths of my thoughts :mad:

Aria is such a pleasing intro tune. Fading in the vocal of Injustice off the back of some of the early vocals in Aria worked a treat. Then when the in depth drums of Injustice rolled into the rhythmic build up of Aria I knew when both came together- it was going to be something & the mix was something very special. Loved how both bounced off each other with the underlying ticky tickyness of Aria pushing through :) Iceberg makes itself know for the drop, the growling bass reaching out from behind the easy listening flavours of Injustice. Metallic steppy beats bring Ceaseless proceedings to the forefront, with Iceberg's bass flopping on the step. Not keen on the 'again, & again, & again' repetitive vocal in that tune, but anyway. Vocals of You're The One rmx sitting on the beat of Ceaseless very well. Glass brings a slight double bounce to You're The One rmx. Another wicked blend.

1959 rmx's flavours flowing in nicely to Glass with the unmistakable vibes of any Calibre tune. Rhythmic notes of A Wandering Journal rmx bounce along the beat of 1959 rmx. Summery vibes & vocals a Runnin off the back of Wandering Journal rmx very well, keeping the mix in for full effect. Militant beats & underlying bass push through with Fortress vip sitting nicely in the mix. Rolling drums of Whisper mildly contrast the memorable breakbeaty / jungle drum patterns in most Bladerunner influenced tunes, especially those in Fatal Attraction. Anticipating the mix with 2098 to be wicked, when that drops, the drums in 2098 really punch through the retro samples of Fatal Attraction. Not heard Stay Or Let It Go rmx in a members mix yet, but the soulful vocals & pleasant tune work wonders with the forceful drums in 2098. Only played Lost Hours last night & love the pulsating subtle bass wobbles in that. Used to really like playing that tune. Again, not heard The Cleaner vip in a members mix yet. Nice to hear + the middle breakdown to Play With Fire half time intro build up was quality :) Play With Fire - Underprint was another choice mix, with the electro hook in Underprint bouncing over the drawn out bass notes of Play With Fire.

Not heard Step In The Spot before, which brought a laid back feel to the mix. Road Runner was another new tune to me & loved the metallic relentless beats in that aptly named tune, giving alot of energy to the running tune. Fourth mix in as many days I've heard Whatever rmx & it still hits the spot, rolling nicely with Road Runner. Heads do like that tune on here. Gridlock pushed through + the drum structure of that worked a peach with Whatever rmx. Steppy wooping notes of Smoke One contrasted the rolling Break notes of the last tune. Then when Simulator Music came in, woh man! Loved the way both tunes bounced in & out of each other. That was quality & as for that cow bell in Simulator Music, that boy Konichi is really pushing things forward. Facade vip twisted up Simulator Music a fair bit, filling in between some of the beats in the former tune. Such a good feeling where you find a mix like that. Turn Over The Page was another first listen for me & wasn't expecting that from an Octane & DLR tune. Choppy half time beats set the stage for Fools Rhythm to work its magic in the wind down to the ride.

Favourite mix in there was undoubtedly the first mix with Aria & Injustice. Lots of elements in both of those tunes talking to each other. Second fav mix was The Cleaner vip - Play With Fire & third was the little section Smoke One - Simulator Music - Facade vip. Wicked mix for an afternoon or morning listen. Quality & slightly varied tracklist, with a slightly higher tunes to minutes ratio that I can normally fit into an hour mix, which is good to see. Nice work man