Just uploaded a radio set to mixcloud. Loads of Paradox / dBridge / Ruffhouse etc.

Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by tyranny, Mar 1, 2015.

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    Never really bother recording mixes, but decided to whack this radio show from a few weeks ago on my mixcloud because it has been ages since i put one online. kept the chatter to a bare minimum as well so there its all pretty much uninterrupted bar the odd shout out.

    Enjoy! All reasonably new stuff apart from a small handful of classics to spice it all up.

    100% vinyl - tracklisting as follows:

    digital - death wish
    ruffhouse - 13
    dbridge & skeptical - move way
    jubei - guillotine (breakage remix)
    overlook & clarity - engineering
    nucleus paradox - the return of...
    dbridge - mourning dawn
    doc scott - shadowboxing
    loxy & resound - vertigo
    seba & paradox - delusions
    friske - speculate
    gremlinz & ahmad - nibiru
    krust - soul in motion
    dbridge - death of a drum machine
    seba & paradox - future now
    response - dekadence
    panic girl - blue lights dbridge remix
    spirit - reality call
    ruffhouse - alignment
    neotech - valves
    ruffhouse - division iii
    st:files - eightsix
    ulterior motive & sabre - barefoot
    spectrasoul - i was 10
    facs & scythe - shmalla

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    Listened to this a few times now, track selection is my kinda thng. That last track is insane, love it when I get exposed to unknown (to me) tunes from different eras of dnb, especially the early 2000s, which I feel is somewhat overlooked :)