Just thought i should post a story


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Seeing as its my 3000th post

It involves a wheelchair once again.

A saturday lunchtime, in a pub/hotel which did £1.50 pints all day, we sat there all day and got shitfaced on the watered down juice of plebs, we decided to leave for a better destination as we left my friend noticed a wheelchair in the lobby and stole it, i being in a state immedialtely jumped in and told my friend to push me around town which he did, at high speeds he even pushed me down some stairs on the underground walkway, which hurt alot.

me and my friend who was pushing me around lost our group of freinds so we walked/wheeled around town so we could find our friends, whilst we were doing this a couple of women stopped us and commented on my friend for taking a disabled person on the razz ie. me ( i was shitfaced and all over the place) one of the women rolls her leg up and shes an amputee with a metal leg, my mate kinda freaked and we went on our way.

As we got down the road we met our friends, and my mate starting slapping me in the wheelchair and calling me a spaz etc, the two girls we just spoke to saw this and thought we were being abused and chased my mates down the street they had to hide down some alleyway, they said they could hear the clunk of her metal leg like they were being chased by the terminator

Such an odd night, and one i will never forget considreing i was a dribbling wreck

much lub forum much lub