Just started producing a few months ago

Ease up on the bass in "Not A Chomp"
"Syndrome" could possibly fit in a liquid mix in some ways. I like the piano feel in it..
On "Chill" at the 1min38sec drop, add a deep bassline after that drop..just my opinion but after that little build up would be nice to hear some BOOM, heh.

Couldn't really form an opinion on "Real Rock N Rolla"...
I'm sure others on here can help ya with other aspects of the tunes...pz & keep at it!
Thanks man appreciate the comments.

Know what you mean about the bass on "not a chomp" will have to sort it out and will try do something about "chill" aswell.
all your tunes sound nice already for just producing for a few months.. it seems like you have a lot inspiration.. I really like syndrome! personally I didn't really like the bass in "chill". don't really know what to say about the other ones but keep up the good work !
Thanks Syndrome is definatly my fave track out of what I have made.

Need to change "chill" quite alot it's too boring.
Not a Chomps not really my kind of DnB, I liked syndrome a ot, there is more potential in. You could add some high pitched melody to finish it. Got some talent in a few years we'll producing over the top!
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