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Hello forum,

I need help getting started in producing DnB. I have some experience with Trance music and am just f'ing bored with it.

So i come to this community to ask for:

*Where to get started?

*Any good Tuts for beginners (besides boyinaband i dont like his style of making music)

*Good sample packs (preferably free of charge)

I have Reason 5 (who doesn't these days) so if you give me tuts or whatever make sure its for reason 5, ive looked around and cant seem to find anything other then boyinaband stuff.

Also i would like to make this an informal greetings from a noob to all of you lol.


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For starters, Phat Sam has a massive thread dedicated to beginners that will answer many questions for you and is a good place to start.

Doing some basic searches of the DnB forum will reveal a great deal of information on just about any topic you're looking for whether it be compression, synthesis, etc.

You'll also find loads of tutorials (and links to them) on the forum. Off the top of my head, ArtFX has several video tutorials that are quite good, even if he's not using your DAW of choice, there are loads of good tips. And that rings true for other tutorials you view--don't be put off just because they're not using Reason, as a lot of times the fundamentals they teach are more important that the actual usage of the DAW.

One of the best free sample packs you can get (if it's still offered) can be downloaded from Erb N Dub's website. A lot of times sample packs are "you pay for what you get," so finding freebies doesn't always measure up to the type of quality you need when creating music. It's worth it to drop some coin on a couple sample packs just to get you started, that's just my opinion of course.

Some basic YouTube searches should reveal some good Reason tutorials. Try to be a bit specific with your query's, like "Reason Bass" or "Reason Combinator Tutorial." Those will yield better results. Also, check Dubspot (website). I'd be surprised if they didn't offer any Reason tutorials.

Try to learn at a good pace, but don't try to become a master in one day–that's a sure way to get burnt out quick and become frustrated.



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i recommend cubase (or logic).

fabfilter plugins are excellent. eq, compressor, limiter, filter

rob papen plugins and synths are excellent. delay reverb distortion predator sub boom bass. rob papen is about to release a masterclass synthesis DVD apparently using Predator for a lot of it... http://www.robpapen.com/dvd-sound-design.html

eq everything from left to right - sub occupies 0 - 50Hz and above. Kick should be hi passed generally at 50 (whatever sounds good to you) and boosted at 80. snare should be hi passed at least at 50 (if you like) and boosted at 200. hats hi passed above the snare, cymbals hi passed above the hats. make sure to stereo your synths to get a big sound. using buses for everything and modulating those buses is great. mono your main elements of your drums.

there are a fucking ton of production videos online. not hard to find.

layering and mixing your drums is a great foundation. figuring out how to make your own synth presets is a challenge. don't overuse reverb or compression.

i highly recommend psp vintage warmer and using it in fat mode.... can really bring your drums to the next level.

slate drums http://www.stevenslatedrums.com/ is really great to work with.

mix everything with a lot of headroom.

if i could recommend one sample pack it would be this http://www.loopmasters.com/product/details/1376

enjoy what you do

"What are the biggest barriers new producers face?

Dealing with frustrations when stuff doesn’t work out the way you want it to. Whether it’s not getting recognition or not being able to achieve a certian sound you want to make, it’s important to remember why you want to make music in the first place. If you make music for you’re down enjoyment then try and keep it fun. If you’re making music to get respect for it from other people then you’d best buckle up because you’re in for a whole not more frustration!" Noisia

you can learn a lot from this masterclass, but it's important to watch all the stuff you can find

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