Just Introduced to DNB requesting help


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Dec 26, 2002
I have been interested in electronic music for about 3 years. I was introduced to the music genera by none other than Fat Boy Slim, and gradually I have found the type of electronic music that pleases me. I currently listen to trance artists like, BT and DJ Tiesto. I have a passion for this type of music. But I also listen to Progressive (John Digweed, Dave Seamen), Hard trance (Gary D.), Goa (Juno Reactor), and a little bit of other stuff.

I recently went to a club in the twin cities called "The Quest" and saw DEV a "up and coming DnB DJ." I was intrigued by his music and this is primarily why I am typing this today. I really like the fast beats and the heavy emoting, I liked the energy of the music.

Then I was at Barnes and Noble later that week I was looking at magazines and I found Knowledge. I bought the December 2002 issue. I was interested because of the content being entirely DnB ,and I wanted to hear the music that was on the CD.

From reading some of the threads here I have seen that the members here are familiar with this mag. I ask the people that have this issue to listen to the "free CD" that comes with and turn to the last tracks (14 through the end). I again ask that you identify what type of DnB this is and what artists are similar to this type of music.

For everybody else I just want some suggestions on artists and specific tracks to listen to.

Thanks for your help and for not flaming on my music choice.


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Jan 30, 2002
I'm not an expert or much of a tech dnb fan but here's a few labels you can check out:

Zero G
Trouble on Vinyl (better of going for their newest stuff)
Square one


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Jun 13, 2002
The stuff about the CD.... shouldn't that be in the magazine with the tracklisting thingy? Or am I wrong lol
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