Just having fun mixing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 10, 2008
New Zealand
I've only been mixing for a few months, this is the first time I have recorded anything.

good sound quality


track list:
Guv - trained killer
PA - Para People
Guv - Search and Destroy
Iron Hands - Call in Sick
PA - Merky Waters
Pleasure - Midnight Express
Sly - Monkey Fist
Complex - Semi pro
Sly - Candy man
Complex - Decisions
Pleasure - Massacre
Origin - Phonejacker
Pleasure - Flesh Eaters
Cubist - Memory Lapse
Pleasure - Stingray
Mampi Swift - One Finger
Dirty Commodity - You Dig
Ego Trippin - Marz needs woman
Dirty Commodity - Pimp that bitch
Zen - Full effect
Zen - Theme Tune
Taxman & Heist - Equinox
Drumsound and Basline smith - Can u feal it
Bassface sascha - International Sound
Jayline - Wolly Jumper
Heist - Ambish
Crystal Clear & Cabbie - Cold Blooded
High roller - Da munny man
Zodiac - The Game
Tantrum Destire - Call and Response

beat matching is a little off in places, please forgive me:), and I don't really have much of a clue how to EQ, so the levels are all over the place.

Any criticism (positive or negative) is welcome

Please comment if you download :)
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