Just had to share this convo i seen on Facebook on my news feed


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Dave Facevader Gray
getting dead bored with electro-y / tech house-style hard dance now. great idea but its so boring once you've heard 3000 kickbacks that all sound the same
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Andy Scott ur listenin' to the wrong parts mate, bout the basslines :D
3 hours ago

Dave Facevader Gray Thats what i mean though, there's only so many ways you can make a bassline interesting on its own. Music should NEVER solely revolve round a bassline
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Andy Scott i suppose uv got a point but sayin that theres oonly so many ways u can make a bassline in hardhouse, bounce, nrg n any other genres, n tech never solely revolves around the basslines theres other elements that are just as important but for me the basslines are my favourite part
2 hours ago

Dave Facevader Gray Thats the point, the bassline is just a part of the tune thats meant to compliment everything else going on around it. If the bassline is the whole point then it shows there's no depth to the track, cos there's either very little else going on or what is there isn't very good
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Andy Scott i think ur lookin' at it from the other end of the scale, of course theres got to be more to a track than a bassline but rythms in low frequencies is a main part of the style, ur status was about kick backs n i was tryin' to say that theres more to the music than that as theres so much more that ur not listenin' to, i think we have reached a end point lol :D
about an hour ago

Mikey O'Hare i hate bass it's all about the top end for me.
I know the lad on the bottom but judging by what theyre saying is bass is boring, theres only so much u can do with it and its not needed in a track??


Basslines provide an important part of ANY music genre :/



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