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holy shit? i have to keep from caps cos andrew is here and will victimse me for being a nerd or more interested with getting away with kiling him when i come for our first, much anticipated, pisss up. maybe this is specific to pork? but why doesnt it catch bouyancy at some point, i mean, thats dumpin a body 101, not even college, that shit is elementary, you dont get caught for dumping a body in a lake, you get caught cos something significant breaks off and floats up, and knowing your luck it floats ashore somewhere, and it doesnt even have to be summer at a family beach, it can be the most remote obscure inland swamp clearing in the woods with a small fern and a tiny drizzled pond a, where nobody actually ever is, BUT there is one neighbouring proprtyu and he had to go spend some time there there just that same week your bobbing hand needed to sink, and the problloaem with this is, im gettin to that, or it doesnt even have to be some middle of the forest puddle, it can float ashore somewhere along the E4 , and here is the fucking problem, to these people, that by some cosmic statistic chance finds some floaty bits of OF COURSE your dead guy, OF COURSE your bones, to some fucking asshole whos at the waterfront at the wrong place and time (you can just see it, cant you, hes taking his daughter for a stroll by the water next to the freeway thinking its a dead cat but as he gets closer he realizesits something human and makes a big deal about his fucking kanker hoor kind not to touch it) and for some reasonthis cunt has to call it in like hes starsky and hutch, this fucking asshole has to bring it to the attnetion of some fucking authority anb as if that was the most normal thing in the world to do, TELL YOU WHAT, if i find a hand, bobbing gently in a ditch like puddle they call a lake on the map but is really more of a swamp in fucking nowhere, or by the rocks on the family beach in malaga, spain, where the kids fish for crabs, or by the seafront highway,

i wont look. ill leave it be and bail. because no, just. fucking. no. no grass, but its really not about just you any more at this point. oh and also andrew you=queer and tried smething for much too long.


besos, the king.