Just getting back into the scene after a long break....

deep blue

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Manchester is not the best place to be a junglist...unless you are a gangster which I ain't...

anyway, got chatting to a few mates (late 20's/early 30's) and we came to the conclusion we wanted to get back on the decks and put a night on...still at the planning stage but it's gonna be a mix of old skool hardcore (2 Bad Mice/Prodigy/Sonz of a loop era), techno and more importantly drum and bass...which got me to thinking I already have a large stack of vinyl from the 90's but there must be some downloads I could burn onto CD as well...been abusing Soulseek and it turned up the following minters...

DJ Zinc - Reach Out (Brockie and Ed Solo remix) - I have the original but this mix is probably the best constructed jungle tune I have ever heard...fucking awesome - the production on this track is just about as close to perfection as you can get - speaker ripping bassline, chopped amen beat which never gets too OTT, and just enough hooks and samples to keep the track runnin....no words of mine can describe how good this tune is

Ray Keith - Special Technique - the martial arts movie sample brings a smile to your face but basically this is classic Keith with the transitions from stepping to rolling beatz...love it.

Krust - Blaze Dis One - jazz hook, bassline, beat and sample...simplicity is the best policy sometimes. Different class.

I wanted to put the remix of Rude&Deadly "Mash Dem Down" but it's off it's head- i feel exhausted after listening to it, never mind playing it. Too off it's nuts for it's own good! The original is probably better.

Anyway, the fire is burning again!!:missile:


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There's a few sites which have old school downloads in low / medium quality but they often get taken down.

try downloading some of the ol school mixes in the mix section, or there are places on line to get old CDs etc


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Nice to see a fire burning once again :respekt: .... but u should use that fire to burn that dodgy soulseek back to depths of hell where it came from ;)