Just bunged a new show on Mixcloud. Spirit / Ricky Force / Goldie / Kid Drama etc


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Oct 11, 2011
Recorded live on Dublin's Raidio Na Life 106.4FM last Wednesday while everyone was probably listening to the DJ Mag bunker thingy. Loads of deep, rolling, rumbling, ice cold darkness from some of the best producers in the game at the moment. If the sunny weather is getting to you you could do worse than check this out. Minimal chatter, just beats and vibes.


Ahmad - Shinto

Nolige – The Blue Hour

Kid Drama – Payback

Ricky Force – 147

Scar – Make Dem Know

Forest Drive West – Annoko

dBridge – Fire Fall You

Goldie - Triangle

Kid Drama – Brutal D

Krust – Flip It

SB81 – Blueprints (SB81 Acid Remix)

Gremlinz – Tactical Rail

Acid Lab – Nostalgia

Gremlinz & Stranjah – Tingz

Can’t for the life of me remember what this is sorry - is it Jubei or someone like that?

Krust – Soul In Motion

Kid Drama – Trife

Concealed Identity – The Connection

Kid Drama – Whole Train

Nolige – Broken

Outer Heaven – Outback

DJ Future – Time and Space

Spirit – Provider
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