Just a little demo(what are your suggestions?)


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I have been working on this particular track for some time and recently I stumbled upon a question:

"Wait, wait, I´m putting a lot of effort into this one, but is it even worth it?"

Well, as far as I can judge I have a really weird taste in music when it comes to my own production. This can be particularly blamed for my relative inexperience in this field. I just do what sounds kinda good not knowing how this should be sounding in theory for example if I make the x combination of scales the overall emotion would be positive/uplifting/sad or whatsoever.

I want to make my tracks more versatile sounding not just rigidly structured in 1-2-3-4 step sequence. But I don´t know how. This makes me very unhappy.

But well, back to the topic. :D

Here is my track in progress. I would like to know your opinion on overall flow, melody and amount of excitement that this track delivers to you. Please.
What can be done better?
I think I have lost my ability to judge this track so that´s why I decided to share it with you. :p

- - - Updated - - -

I have a strong desire to add some piano or other synth melodies to this part. Don´t know if this would be appropriate and not ruin the flow.


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That bright synth is too loud and the drums aren't really packing a lot o punch.

If you want to make more complexly structured tunes you have to figure out what makes the simple structures work and how to play on building expectations and surprises while keeping the rhythm and funk of your tune. As I always say; listen to tunes with more complex structures and take notes.

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What some of the others have said, the lead is a touch too heavy preventing the drums from punching through. Some of the notes and the vocal sound a little off musically. It's going in a good direction though.